Mutual Fund Solutions

Most individuals have never had true diversification. Coming close is an admirable goal.

—Jack Meyer, Harvard Endowment manager

How do you find assets that are not correlated with a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds?

Non-traditional investments, including global real estate, managed futures, commodities and long/short products, are options that many sophisticated institutional investors have been using. Some of these non-traditional investments have exhibited strong historical performance against the broader markets. But most important, some have proven to have consistently low correlations with the broader market. It is this low correlation that potentially makes non-traditional investments an attractive consideration to compliment traditional portfolios.

A truly diversified portfolio reduces the likelihood that your assets will move in tandem, therefore helping to minimize the effect of market fluctuations and optimizing your risk-reward ratio. Finding the right allocation of conventional and non-traditional assets within your portfolio is key. As investment management becomes more and more commoditized, we believe that innovation and focus in areas such as Low Market Correlation Portfolios, Limited Risk Solutions, and Retirement Income Management will set you apart from the competition. Please read the mutual fund solutions disclosures for important information.

Mutual Fund Solutions